Navigation Assessments

Our on-board navigational assessments focus particularly on:-

  • Passage planning
  • Position monitoring
  • Bridge teamwork

The aim is to identify knowledge gaps and improve navigational practices in all of these areas. They are based on Industry Best Practice and are carried out by Consultants who are all qualified Master Mariners with many years experience.

Obviously all ships staff will ‘raise their game’ when an auditor on board: this is only natural and to be expected. Similarly, the beneficial effect of an auditor on performance usually ceases as soon as he leaves the vessel.

Our approach is therefore not that of an audit, where non-conformances are identified and the culprit instructed to improve. Instead we take a holistic approach; if non-conformances are identified, we endeavour to find out why they exist and tackle the root cause. For example, root causes of poor navigation technique / ability tend to be a combination of:-

  • Human factors, especially peer group conformance – e.g. officers may remember being taught methods and practices in college, but they have never actually seen anyone put them into practice on board ship.
  • Experience (usually negative) – e.g. officers who ‘find’ that visual bearings do not agree with GPS or radar positions.
  • Knowledge – an ever-increasing number of basic navigational knowledge gaps

All of the above can be successfully treated with education.

Our Consultants are all experienced in building relationships of mutual respect with watchkeepers and can use this platform to educate (without actually lecturing). The strengths and weaknesses of both traditional and modern systems are demonstrated to watchkeepers in the practical environment and they are encouraged to use the best and most appropriate combinations in the circumstances.

By adopting such a holistic approach and taking human factors into consideration, we believe we can create the environment for real improvement and one which is more likely to continue after our Consultant has left the vessel.

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