Offering general and bespoke solutionsWith expertise in Navigation Assessment, Safety Management and the Production of Procedures and Operating Manuals

Navigation Assessments

With a focus on passage planning, position monitoring and bridge teamwork, we identify knowledge gaps to help improve navigational practices

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Safety Consultancy

We offer a wide range of consultancy services, including bridge navigation procedures, cargo operations, hazard risk assessment, and others

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Casualty Investigations

We conduct thorough investigations into incidents such as hull damage, cargo damage, fire and water damage, as well as oil pollution and response

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Expert Witness

From claims relating to performance, cargo, and pumping, to unsafe port analysis, we have experience offering numerous forms of expert witness

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Flag State Inspections

On behalf of Bahamas Maritime Authority we’re able to conduct initial and annual inspections, incident investigations and carving note

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General Surveys

We can provide top quality draft and condition surveys, on and off hire and bunker surveys, oil cargo (measurement and contamination) surveys, and others

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Navigation Standards

“There is a big difference between a good passage plan and the industry standard. This difference is a function of knowledge, intelligence, and skill…”

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Procedural Compliance

“Achieving compliance with the increasing number of procedures is a major problem for many seafarers and equally so for the ship operators…”

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Our Consultants are all qualified to British Class 1 Deck or Engineer standard With substantial sea-going and surveying / consultancy experience in a wide range of vessel types.
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